Celestia SVN Executables

I'm sorry about any inconvenience I may have caused with the svn executable. My computer crashed a few weeks ago. I put together an old computer and installed Windows XP on it. It is just a Pentium 2 with no graphics card
so I won't be doing any building or running 3d applications including Celestia.

The crash was a complete system meltdown. I think it may have been a power surge. My UPS went down a few months ago and I was really taking a chance using an old surge protector that probably wasn't working correctly.

Postcards from Titan

The Postcards from Titan Celestia scenario has been discontinued, and will be reissued in a new format at a later time. You can follow this work in the Cassini thread at our forums, here.

The Apollo 11 mission

A still unfinished task, but very close to conclusion. With this project Christophe reached what I think is the best compromise between the actually available hardware resources, and his capability.



The ongoing project in our Forums