The Buran Orbiter mission

Probably because my previous effort in helping Christophe has been super valued, Runar (rthorvald) asked me if I could help find the data needed to show the first (and only) orbital flight of the Russian Orbiter - Buran, the close relative of the US Shuttle. Obviously I accepted, and you can find the results in rthorvalds page.


The Voyager missions

Probably someone thinks this was to be an easier job, but strangely it’s not true.


Scarce documents and poor images compelled Christophe and myself to ask Celestians for help, and they fortunately replied positively.


Frank Gregorio very kindly took the time to go to the Smithsonian Museum to take close-ups of their Voyager model - enabling Christophe to add the last missing details to his model of the probe that visited and imaged all Solar System giants.


The Vostok Missions

This was a more difficult task. We had to model the Russian capsule used to place the first man in history (Yuri Gagarin) into orbit, on April 12, 1961.


This occurred during the cold war years, so just a few documents and images were available on the Web, most of them issued recently.


Fortunately the free web-based translators available allowed us to use Russian documents issued in the sixties - a very precious help for completing Christophes very detailed model.