Andrea Pelloni - aka Andrea. A happy retired Airline Manager, Andrea is a member of the the Tim Puckett's WORLPOSS Supernova Search Team (he is co-discoverer of 2005bp, 2225dz, 2005kd, 2006bq, 2006 gz and 2006nr), and uses his spare time to develop educational material on space exploration for schools. He lives in Rome, Italy.

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The Vostok Missions

This was a more difficult task. We had to model the Russian capsule used to place the first man in history (Yuri Gagarin) into orbit, on April 12, 1961.


This occurred during the cold war years, so just a few documents and images were available on the Web, most of them issued recently.


Fortunately the free web-based translators available allowed us to use Russian documents issued in the sixties - a very precious help for completing Christophes very detailed model.


The Mercury Project

This was my first collaboration with Christophe, it showed me many new things and gave me the will to go deeper and deeper in my search, as for Chris’ needs.


The project was possible because of the high number of images available on the Web, and moreover by the good technical documents available (e.g. I found the US specs regarding the Mercury stencilling, giving the exact position, dimensions and colour of all the stencils written and drawn on the capsule).