Christophe Campos - aka ElChristou Ex graphic designer (industrial design, architecture and publishing). Originally from France, he is now living in South America (Paraguay). Dedicated to high jewelry design and quality control, Christophe occasionally also produces highly detailed 3D modelling work for Celestia.

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ElChristou's blog

Apollo Lunar Module pre-release

The current models I'm working on are the many ones necessary to achieve an Apollo11 mission
reconstruction. Here are the last screenshots taken during some test for the extraction of the LEM.

You can follow this work in our forum, here.

Atlantis take-off

The take off of Atlantis over Kennedy Space Center: this work is in standby for now because I find no solution to simulate smoke within Celestia in a satisfactory way...

Atlantis Payload Open

After modelling the Shuttle and the Flight Deck it was logical to open the payload to show the internal structure, articulation of doors, docking system, Canadarm...

This work is still in progress; the model begins to become heavy (for some real time 3D on an average config). I wanted to include a charge and some astronauts too, but if so, i fear the scene won't be usable by the majority of users...