Atlantis Space Shuttle - by ElChristou

A model of the American Space Shuttle Atlantis.

I have the regret to say that this model hasn't been planned at all...The very first purpose was to get a model running fine on my config; for this I started from the existing models to get a wire-frame structure used as guideline to rebuild the fuselage. After finishing the model, Sundog (a member of the Celestia community) pointed me to a fabulous QTVR document showing the entire Flight Deck...

In front of such a practical document I could not avoid modelling the cockpit too... The main problem is that the model wasn't adapted for insertion of the Flight Deck, so I had to fight hard to solve many problems: getting correct proportions, modifying the windows to fit the interior, etc...Then, why stop at this stage? Let's open the doors!

Again the idea was attractive, but the original model wasn't perfect for this purpose... The result of this is that the model is quite good, but for an expert eye, there are still some tiny problems with proportions - nothing really serious, but...
The Shuttle with the Payload open is a standby work in progress (not released), but you can discover a test rendering here. In conclusion, I plan to redo the shuttle... When? No idea... Sooner or later... ;-)

The Flight DeckSpace Shuttle Atlantis

Above and right: Atlantis in orbit. Left: the Flight Deck (click for full size).

Special thanks to Terrier for helping with ssc data. Special thanks to Sundog for pointing me to the QTVR document base for the Flight Deck model. 






Please follow the Readme instructions coming with each version. It is recommended to install only one of the available versions to avoid creating double entries of the spacecraft. Released under the Creative Common license.

Released under the Creative Common license. Author: ElChristou, april 2006.