Celestia SVN Executables

I'm sorry about any inconvenience I may have caused with the svn executable. My computer crashed a few weeks ago. I put together an old computer and installed Windows XP on it. It is just a Pentium 2 with no graphics card
so I won't be doing any building or running 3d applications including Celestia.

The crash was a complete system meltdown. I think it may have been a power surge. My UPS went down a few months ago and I was really taking a chance using an old surge protector that probably wasn't working correctly.

It started on a Thursday. We had 50 to 70 mile an hour winds sustained for almost 24 hours. That may have had something to do with it. Anyhow, the computer just shut off. When I rebooted, after a while it just shut off again. Throughout that day, it just went downhill. That night, I managed to get an email through to sourceforge but I messed up the blog here. I cut out the original blog and deleted the svn executable files because I new the computer would not last and it would be a long while before I could maintain them. I did this while I was in Windows but I always put the packages together and uploaded them with Linux. When I tried to reboot into Linux, I couldn't. I had a last executable I was going to upload and an explanation I was going to put in the blog but my computer never started again.

I had 1.2 TB of data that may have been lost. I'm pretty sure my 200 GB drive that had my Win32 files is history. I was able to see the partition tables and some of the files with this old computer I'm currently using but after a few hours the drive started making terrible noises and stopped working. The 500 GB SATA drive may still work but I'll need another system board that is SATA capable before I'll know. I also had a 500 GB usb notebook. Hopefully that was not affected but it has an ext3 format that Windows can't see on this older computer so that is still unknown too.

The system board that I used to use is shot as is the CPU. It will be a long time before I'll be able to get another one so I won't be able to use Celestia or any other programs I used to run until that time.

From time to time, I may have a comment or two here.
Until then,
Take Care