Mercury models by James R. Bassett

New high resolution Celestia Add-On by James R. Bassett, the 05 May 1961 Mercury Freedom 7 and the 20 February 1962 Mercury Friendship 7


These hi-res model are ready to be load in Celestia (version 1.6 and later), both use a script to toggle visibility of some components...

Freedom 7
Mercury capsule Mercury Freedom 7
Friendship 7

Above and middle right: Freedom 7, middle left and bottom: Friendship 7


A big Tx to James to let us adapt this work for Celestia. You can visit his personal web page for some very nice SciFi models.


Both folders must be dropped in your Celestia "Extras" folder. In both folders you will find a .celx file; you can put them in your Celestia "Scripts" folder if you want these scripts to appear in your Scripts menu. 


ElChristou, march 09.