Vostok 1 - by ElChristou

After the LB7, here's another model from the beginning of man's journey into space: the capsule used by the soviets to place the first man in history (Yuri Gagarin) in orbit on April 12, 1961.

This model needed many long hours of work, principally with all the cables around the instrument module. It is interesting to compare the conceptual differences between Russian and American capsule design: the differences are really awesome!


vostok capsulevostok

Above and left: Vostok in orbit (click for full size).










Again, special thanks to Andrea: he is responsible for this! After LB7 he kindly asked me if the Vostok could be my next model, and provided me with a lot of documentation, so of course I couldn't refuse (I cannot resist in front of good documentation!)


Just place the entire EC_Vostok1 folder in your Celestia "Extras" folder.

Released under the creative common license. author: ElChristou, april 2006.