Liberty Bell 7 - by ElChristou

March 09: James R. Basset, a very talented modeler has just released 2 new fine models of the Mercury missions. My 2005 model must now be considered obsolete, I keep it available for lower config, but if you really like accurate models, it's this way...

This is a high resolution Celestia Add-On featuring NASA's second manned Mercury Mission, piloted by Virgil I. 'Gus' Grissom on July 21, 1962.

The hi-res model is in CMOD format, and is designed to be as accurate as possible keeping in mind a reasonable limit for the file size. It is packaged as a working Celestia Add-On, complete with it's own ssc file.


Mercury capsule Grisom spacecraft


Above and left: The Liberty Bell in orbit (click for full size).

Special thanks to Andrea for the documentation research needed to create this model, and to Sundog for helping with the Solar System Catalog file. Thanks also to the Celestia community for general feedback.

Just place the entire EC_LibertyBell7 folder in your Celestia "Extras" folder.

Warning: If your computer cannot handle 2k textures (2048x1024), you will have to delete the 'A.jpg' file situated in the textures>medres folder, and remove the '#' in the name of the file '#A.jpg'.

ElChristou, september 2005.