Voyager Space Probe - by ElChristou

This model is one of my favorites because the history of this ship is so impressive and so few pictures are available... Now one is free to discover it again, flying to the various rendezvous with the most important planets of our Solar System.

The only black dot on this model is the golden record; I haven't been able to adapt the texture to the new specular rendering on models to get a better result (it seems washed out by the specular light). Many thanks to the Celestia community for support, to Andrea for finding documentation - and special thanks to Frank Gregorio, who took the time to go to the Smithsonian Museum in DC to shoot the model they have there to provide me with some nice close-ups.

Voyager probe

Voyager 2 passing Jupiter...


Released under the Creative Common license. Author: ElChristou, january 2007.