The Wired Earth - by rthorvald

The Wired Earth

Just a little fun with demographics: here´s the Earth in Celestia - for once seen from cyberspace...wiredposter.jpg

Above: different ways of seeing Earth´s population with Celestia

The Wired Earth is a diversion from regular Celestia modelling; instead of exploring stars, galaxies, worlds, geography or fiction, this Add-On depicts us. It combines data on where and how often Google searches originate with a bumpmap showing population density (the deeper the shadow, the more people: the brighter the light, the more googling).

For ease-of-use, the Add-On comes with a simple CELscript that will let you auto-repeat this spesific day a great number of times while allowing free navigation around the globe.

Four modes of simulation:

  1. 24 hours of dynamic googling with bumpmapped (shadows) population density
  2. 24 hours of dynamic googling with coloured overlay showing population density
  3. A subtly blended version of 1 and 2
  4. Static AltSurface map containing all data

The Google data is courtesy of Rob Pike et al., copyright © Google.Inc, 2004. The population density data were released by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, 1994. It is in the Public Domain. The Surface, specular, night- and bumpmaps were generated from the NASA Bluemarble Mark 1, also in the Public Domain.

Download the Celestia Add-On:
The Wired Earth [zipped, 39 Mb]. For personal, non-commercial use only. ... It will work out-of-the-box if you place it in your Celestia Add-On directory.