Saturn - by rthorvald

Exploring Saturn, Vol. 1

The first 4k map of Saturn is composed of imagery from Voyager and Cassini, and is as realistic a representation of the planet I can manage.
The nothern hemisphere is loosely derived from Björn Jónssons 1800x900 map - originally composed of Voyager data. The southern is a mosaic of Cassini images. However, since I don´t have the information (or tools) to puzzle all these images together exactly, it has been done by eye: this means it is a good, detailed, general representation of Saturn, but not in any way scientifically accurate.

To the resulting map , I have added a noise layer that gives a modest amount of detail to the cloud bands - lacking in the lower res, but more accurate, maps available today. Furthermore, I have bumpmapped the clouds, and added a separate cloudmap that softens the bumpmap and specularity.

This is packaged as a complete, self-contained Add-On with lores (1k), medres (2k) and hires (4k) levels - bringing max resolution up to 4096x2048 pixels. Some users might want to split the 4k map into a Virtual Texture to get it to display on lower-end graphics cards.

The Cassini Imaging Lab (CICLOPS) for the Cassini imagery - Björn Jónsson for the Voyager map

Download the Celestia Add-On:
Exploring Saturn Vol. 1 [17 MB]

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