Iapetus - by t00fri

t00fri's "ultimate" 8k Iapetus

This is a summary of the shatters.net release thread for t00fri´s Iapetus. Download and context links are at the end of this document.

Jan 22, 2006: here is my "ultimate" 8k Iapetus texture, based on the recently published Ciclops cylindrical map [Dec 2005] and further reprojected data. Besides implementing the "Saturn shine" hires imaging, there are a number of advantages over my previous Iapetus version:

  1. Very high geometrical accuracy - the cylindrical map projection were done by the Ciclops team
  2. Now 8k base texture (instead of 2k before)
  3. Properly normalized gray shading gives more natural computer-mapped coloration
  4. Very smooth color transitions between various texture patches of different resolution and origin


Faces of Iapetus, screenshots from Celestia (click for full size)


A downscaled 1k image (click for full size)