Titan - by t00fri


This is a summary of the shatters.net release thread for t00fri´s Titan. Download and context links are at the end of this document.

After the CICLOPS team published a new hires mosaic 04/08/05 from the 03/31/05 Titan Flyby, i have implemented the spectacular new mapping information on my previous 4k Titan texture (also based on a NASA publication). The mapped environment concerns the so-called "Lying H" east of Xanadu (centered at lat=1 deg North, long=21 deg West). After a good deal of image manipulation work, everything is now seamless and smooth throughout the whole mosaic.


Left: glimpses of what the new texture looks like (click for larger versions).

Much effort was devoted to a precise cylindrical projection, carefully smoothing and blending the various individual images in the mosaic to a seamless integration with my previous Titan texture.

There was also better modelling of the Titan atmosphere, such that with Celestia nice views of the surface may be obtained just below the lower boundary of the yellow haze, i.e around 200 km of altitude. Also, the yellow haze layer has been modified to include an alpha channel, such that Saturn may just be made out from this altitude.

TitanFinally, coloration was done by computer, using the natural color photo from the Huygens landing site as a template. Perhaps it is of some interest to potential image manipulators how accurately the alignment of the new hires layer from this flyby actually fits . Here I show a peripheral portion of my original (orange background) and the superimposed new hires layer (gray). For better visibility I have adjusted the transparency of the gray overlay to 50%. The continuity of distinct hires features in the orange and gray layers matches at the 1 pixel level!

The image on the left is reduced by a factor of two relative to its natural size, and I added about 50% transparency to the top (gray) layer for better visibility (click for larger view).

After doing the cylindrical projection of the /whole/ mosaic, I cut the individual images out of their lowres background without disturbing their joint alignment. Here is a partial view:


Click for larger view)

Finally, a 700 pixel mini version of the entire 4k texture:


Installation: Just unzip the present titan.zip archive in your 'extras' folder. Your default texture of Titan will then be modified automatically. If you prefer more bumpmapping effects, just increase the BumpHeight in titan.ssc in the titan add-on directory from 3.5 to 5-10 depending on taste.