Tethys - by t00fri


This is a summary of the shatters.net release thread for t00fri´s Tethys. Download and context links are at the end of this document.

Jan 15, 2006: After the Ciclops imaging team released hires maps of various Saturnian moons in December 2005, i have prepared a new 4k Tethys texture from these maps, merging in, however, relevant image data from the Voyager missions!

These fit very accurately, and fill complementary regions in the cylindrical Tethys map! Notably, the Voryager input improves the region around the huge crater Odysseus considerably, as well as the northern part of the texture.

Note the improved Odysseus crater region and the vastly smoothed transitions between the various texture patches. The slightly yellowish coloration is computer-mapped as usual from a natural color image of Tethys, and the color transitions across texture patches of different resolution and from different sources have been substantially homogenized.



Above and left: 2 views from the 4k textures from Celestia (click for larger versions),