The F-TexTools - by t00fri

This distribution contains a set of 6 custom command-line tools for generating huge textures or optimized texture tiles of highest quality for the 3D space simulation Celestia, or similar environments.

No image manipulation expertise is required.

These tools perfectly complement our nmtools package for generating highly optimized normal maps or tiles thereof on standard home computers.

Special attention has been paid to allow for very big textures (>= 64k x 32k) to be handled even by average sized home computers. The tools work directly with the original scientific imaging data for Earth, Mars etc. The execution speed is high due to optimized custom algorithms.

Highlights are:

  • sources compile cleanly for Windows and Linux PC's,
    as well as both PPC and Intel MACs;
  • executables are included for Win32, Linux, OSX-universal;
  • throughout, the tools work between STDIN and STDOUT,
    and therefore may be piped together in a module fashion as needed;
  • a brief help text is printed, if the tools are executed without any
  • the 6 texture tools are designed quite similarly to the nmtools package
    for normal maps by F. Schrempp and R. Skuridin.
  • My new F-TexTools AND the updated nmtools now output PNG format in order
    to be able to directly compress them into high-quality DXT and DXT5nm format, respectively, by means of the new OpenSource & cross-platform NVIDIA-texture tools!

The newest version of the F-TexTools are always available for download in the Texture Tools Forum.