Christophe Campos - aka ElChristou Ex graphic designer (industrial design, architecture and publishing). Originally from France, he is now living in South America (Paraguay). Dedicated to high jewelry design and quality control, Christophe occasionally also produces highly detailed 3D modelling work for Celestia.

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ElChristou's Homepage

Find here a few models released to use within Celestia.

All these models have been optimized with great care to allow you the best
realtime experience with models presenting as much details as possible...

Models available by ElChristou:

- Apollo Prerelease
- The Soyuz TMA
- Voyager Space Probe
- Pioneer Space Probe
- Mars Global Surveyor
- The Liberty Bell 7
- Vostok 1
- Atlantis Space Shuttle

Models available by James R. Bassett:

- Mercury Friendship 7 and Freedom 7