Runar Thorvaldsen - aka rthorvald - A former Art Director, Runar is a designer (usually) working with web development. He lives in Norway, and has a fond interest for history and space. This sometimes expresses itself in the production of a 3D scenario for Celestia.

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rthorvald's Homepage

Welcome to my project pages! The following links
may give you an idea of what i am doing here:

My Celestia blognotes
- the latest news on everything

A Graphics Gallery
- various screenshots and some artwork
from the projects i am involved in

The CM Artwork & Modelling Forum
- where the actual work
takes place

The CM File Release pages
- a list of all completed

Above: the Huygens probe descends on Titan
(modelled by jestr and myself, 2005)

A slideshow from the Gallery
For a look at some of my recent work, click the image on the left. It will start a slideshow of screenshots and artwork that demonstrates the capabilities of Celestia.

You can find higher resolution versions of these pictures in the Gallery.