Dr. Fridger Schrempp - aka t00fri ... Is a senior scientist in theoretical Particle Physics, which is concerned a lot recently with the (early) Universe. Additionally, he is a long-time developer and co-author of the astronomy /space simulator Celestia - with a "big heart" for graphics. Fridger lives in Germany.

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A highlight among my ongoing projects is certainly the nmtools package complemented by my new F-TexTools for making the greatest and biggest Celestia textures directly from scientific imaging data!

The F-TexTools and nmtools packages are available for all popular operating systems, i.e. for Windows , Linux and MAC OS-X. Alongside with the nmtools archive, I have just managed in time to essentially complete a detailed tutorial about the use of these tools.
On a longer time scale, I am preparing intensively for my Cosmological Visualization project, i.e for 3D scientific visualization beyond Celestia.

Let me cordially invite everyone to our forums about Texture Tools and Cosmological Visualization. Last but not least, you will also find on my page a summary of my recent texture work about some Saturnian moons.