Andrea Pelloni - aka Andrea. A happy retired Airline Manager, Andrea is a member of the the Tim Puckett's WORLPOSS Supernova Search Team (he is co-discoverer of 2005bp, 2225dz, 2005kd, 2006bq, 2006 gz and 2006nr), and uses his spare time to develop educational material on space exploration for schools. He lives in Rome, Italy.

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Some time ago, after seeing the incredible models by Christophe (aka ElChristou), I offered him my help. Christophe is a master of 3D modeling, and I decided I could give him more time to work by doing all the research needed to build detailed models and data files.

It worked!

And it still works in other projects that I followed with Christophe and now with Runar (aka rthorvald) too, like the ones you can read about here... With more to come (many more, I hope!).