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Celestial Matters is a co-production between several members of the Shatters.net community, but is not exclusive to Celestia. We aim to present things we like and value, with a tendency towards science, art and space exploration.

In addition to the magazine format of our site, there are sections for each of us where you may find individual works, downloadables or texts. If you have questions or comments, don´t hesitate to write.



Celestial Matters was created by  Christophe Campos, Dr. Fridger Schrempp and Runar ThorvaldsenUnfortunately, Christophe and Runar are presently on a prolonged temporal leave for professional reasons.


Dr. Fridger Schrempp  aka t00fri ... Is a senior scientist in theoretical Particle Physics, which is concerned a lot recently with the (early) Universe. Additionally, he is a long-time developer and co-author of the astronomy /space simulator Celestia - with a "big heart" for graphics. Fridger lives in Germany.

Contact: t00fri at Celestial Matters


A note on contributing material
Celestial Matters does not accept unsolicited material for publication. We might, from time to time, invite authors to participate in a project - but while this is a publicly available website, it is not a public forum. Note that we - the hosts and contributors - have agreed to subject our own work to critical refereeing among ourselves before publishing it here. We strive to expose only quality, not quantity.

If you want to contact us about submitting material, please understand that we will review such material at our leisure, and that this does not ensure publication.

We do, however, welcome criticism, opinions and feedback in general from our visitors.


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