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Andrea's Homepage

Some time ago, after seeing the incredible models by Christophe (aka ElChristou), I offered him my help. Christophe is a master of 3D modeling, and I decided I could give him more time to work by doing all the research needed to build detailed models and data files.

It worked!

And it still works in other projects that I followed with Christophe and now with Runar (aka rthorvald) too, like the ones you can read about here... With more to come (many more, I hope!).

cartrite's Homepage

Here you will find some of the projects I am working on. This first project involved creating a new water mask map for the Blue Marble Next Generation datasets. This water mask map uses the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission Water Body Data (SWBD) to define water systems between 60 degrees north latitude and 60 degrees south latitude. This map was created to work with F-Tex Tools which produces huge texture maps of the Earth.