Voyager Space Probe - by ElChristou

This model is one of my favorites because the history of this ship is so impressive and so few pictures are available... Now one is free to discover it again, flying to the various rendezvous with the most important planets of our Solar System.

Soyuz TMA - by ElChristou

Here is a prerelease of a medres model of a Soyuz TMA to be used around ISS.

I tried to keep it as light as possible so probably you may experiment some bad poly shadowing depending on the direction of the light. Anyway once around ISS the Soyuz become just a detail so...

Soyuz TMA spacecraft

The Wired Earth - by rthorvald

The Wired Earth

Just a little fun with demographics: here´s the Earth in Celestia - for once seen from cyberspace...wiredposter.jpg