The Soviet Union’s Buran Orbiter - by Andrea

Buran grew out of the Soviet Union´s need to respond to the reusable spacecraft US started building in 1972, mainly for military missions, and the USSR felt the need to respond with a comparable craft to maintain a parity.

The Soviet Union built its own Orbiter, that was known as Buran ("snowstorm" in Russian) and, even if only the first built space-ready vehicle was named this way, the entire project was known as Buran.

The goals of the Buran project:

CHARM2: Measured stellar radii for Celestia

From the Catalog of High Angular Resolution Measurements (CHARM2), Andrew has extracted radii for 1944 stars for use in Celestia.

CHARM2: Measured stellar radii for Celestia - by ajtribick

CHARM2: Measured stellar radii for Celestia

A view of the CHARM2 add-on script in action.

Note that this add-on is not compatible with the updated star database which will be included in Celestia 1.6.0.
This add-on will be incorporated into the Celestia 1.6.0 release.