Blue Venus - by rthorvald

Blue Venus - a Celestia texture

Venus is a hot, dry, over-pressurized desert with it´s own peculiar beauty, but What If? Well, here you can visit the Venus our grandparents dreamed of...

Mars Global Surveyor - by ElChristou

A high resolution Celestia Add-On of the planetary laboratory Mars Global Surveyor

I have used a model from Nasa (available Here) as a template, and completely rebuilt it for better accuracy... The model is in CMOD format, and is designed to be as accurate as possible keeping in mind a reasonable limit for the file size. It is packaged as a working Celestia Add-On, complete with it's own ssc file.

Pioneer Space Probe - by ElChristou

The objectives of the Pioneer 10 & 11 missions were to explore the interplanetary medium beyond the orbit of Mars, investigate the asteroid belt and explore the environment of Jupiter. Later the missions were extended to study the outermost planets.

With too few documents available I had to put this model in standby because of some missing details (thrusters). Until I get those missing parts right, you can download this pre-release.